Hear from some existing students. It doesn’t matter if you have never danced before, or just haven’t danced in a long time, The Peach will make you feel comfortable and get you fit while you are having fun!

Daisy is simply awesome , with her years of experience she has helped me take my dancing skills to another level. Her gentle friendly nature has abetted me in feeling comfortable and confident on the pole. Daisy is a true professional with a unique dance style that exhibits elegance, grace and is aesthetically beautiful. Daisy’s classes are so much fun and never boring, these are some of the reasons why I have been a student of Daisy’s for about 7 years.

I have had the pleasure of having Daisy as my teacher for many, many, years of pole dancing and I can honestly say that she is the best teacher I have had. From classes, to private lessons with her, I have sincerely enjoyed having her as my teacher because she has been so good with me and has helped me become a better dancer for it today. Daisy is a wonderfully talented teacher. She makes you feel totally comfortable and is very helpful and patient with all those extra hard moves. God knows she had the patience for me. Daisy has such a wonderfully fun and loving personality that it shows in all her classes. She is extremely dedicated to all her students and I can say that I am honoured to have had her as my teacher.

Coming to The Peach has made such a difference to my dancing and given me my love for pole dancing back. Each teacher is uniquely different and so inviting, god knows how they do it but each class everyone gets the same amount of attention and motivation. They’re always willing to help in anyway and bring the fun back into fitness. I live in Newcastle and it’s definitely worth the commute. Thanks Peach girls.

I have been Daisy’s student for 5 years & quite frankly, she is one of the best Pole instructors I’ve ever had! As an instructor, Daisy is patient, breaks down & explains moves; encourages & bolsters confidence while keeping a trained eye on student safety. Daisy takes pride in her students – our achievements are Daisy’s achievements. While keeping a professional edge, Daisy’s classes are always fun, if not hilarious at times. If you’re considering taking up Pole Dancing or, are looking for a seriously good alternative, Daisy at The Peach Pole Studio is the place to go.

I remember my first experience at The Peach Pole Studio, I was nervous and excited. I watched the teacher gracefully carry out moves that I was amazed by and dreamt of being capable of doing. Two years later and I have achieved those goals and a whole lot more. The Peach provides a comfortable environment and a place that supports and grows you allowing you to confidently express who you are through things that you would have never thought you were capable of. It’s easy to say I would now be lost not only without pole dancing but without a studio such as The Peach. I honestly can’t thank Daisy and her beautiful team enough!

I always had a curiosity about Pole Dance since attending a workshop for my hens day. A few years later I came across The Peach Pole and saw that they ran a 4 week beginner ‘taster’ course. As nervous as I felt about attending, since I had no dance background or an ounce of flexibility, I thought I’d just bite the bullet and give it a go! Well, one first spin around that pole and I was addicted! The more I attended the more I began to feel my confidence grow! I was amazed by women of all ages, body shapes and sizes embracing their femininity and expressing themselves through pole dance! The teachers at The Peach and fellow students are completely supportive and encouraging of one another and I’ve never experienced a place where women uplift and inspire each other entirely. The studio is a warm, welcoming environment with nice lighting, mirror-lined walls and brass poles of the best quality. If you had told me less than 18 months ago I’d be doing the pole moves I am attacking now, I would have laughed at you. But perhaps the best thing about pole is the transformation in myself that’s been the most rewarding. I am strong, capable, flexible(ish, haha) and so much more confident than I have ever been before. You learn to love the body you were born with at pole, and that’s a really lovely thing!

I have been taking classes at The Peach for 6 months now. I am completely loving it! My grandparents had a bad view on pole dancing when I started but they came to the performance last week quite hesitant but they loved it and have completely changed their views. They admire how much work goes into it and so do I. I can’t wait for next term. Thanks Peaches!