The Peach

Pics, vids, shout outs & hugs

The Peach Pole Studio is an inspirational pole dance studio offering pole dancing classes which encourage inclusion and fun. This is a collection of achievements, experiences, encouragement and the life and times of the people behind-the-scenes and the clients who create the pole dancing experience.


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The ‘Peachies’ perform at Encore! Sydney Pole Show 2017
Daisy and Sim perform at Encore! Sydney Pole Show 2017
The Express Advocate covers Sexy’s Back! 2016
Foxy and Ivy at Encore! Pole Show 2016
Life’s a Peach! – Fun, Friends, Fitness
Lucinda James competing in Miss Pole Dance NSW heat
A Pole Dancer Christmas Carol
Danni & Meg performing at Shine Bright showcase
Daisy & Stacey Professional Doubles
Pacha Nightclub
Peach Styles
Spring Pinup Day
Daisy dancing at The Peach
Daisy performing at Encore! Sydney Pole Showcase
Our Studio
Art vs Science – Magic Fountain
Daisy and the Peaches Performing