Frequently Asked Questions

I want to start - what do I need to know?

Everything you need to know is right here – check out our ‘classes’ page which has the prices for classes. At The Peach we run an 8 week term. 8 week Pole courses are $230. These classes are one hour once a week. You can definitely come more than once a week when you are addicted and there are discounts when you do more than 1 class. We also run some 4 week courses, all of these will be listed on the timetable. Check out our timetable page and how to book for more information on booking your place.  

What do I need to wear?

Bring some shorts, a singlet/tshirt. Tights are ok for warm up, but shorts are required for the class. Heels are optional. Bring some water too but if you forget yours, you can purchase some for $2 on the night.

Reminder: Make sure you don’t moisturize on the day you come to pole.

I’m a bit nervous; I hear so many different opinions about pole dancing.

Pole dancing in todays world is all about having fun, building strength, confidence and learning something new. Its not sleazy but its definitely sexy and that’s what we love about it! We foster an environment that empowers women and encourages everyone to feel good about themselves in their own skin.

Getting fit while having fun and looking good is fabulous!

I’m not fit, and I don’t think I have any coordination?!

Don’t worry! Everyone learns at a different pace and runs their own race. We encourage everyone to keep track of their own journey and not measure it against others. You don’t need to be fit to start, you get fit by starting. Our syllabus is specifically designed to allow you to build strength and gain flexibility as you progress through the levels.

Our teachers have had years of experience and patience is one of their strong points. They also already know the best tips and tricks to help anyone at any level succeed.

Am I too young? Am I too old?

Never! We have students of all ages. Pole can be for everyone. We have students that range from 16 to 60! Mother and daughter teams come for some girlie time together. Students under 18 years of age will need parental permission. When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

What’s different about The Peach Pole Studio, over others I’ve looked at?

The Peach Pole Studio is a fun creative studio, which focuses not only on the fitness side of pole dancing, but also the sassy sexy side so that transitions and flow of pole moves are better, and dance style is developed and worked on. Everyone is always allocated their own pole. We have 38mm brass spinning poles, easier to grip and easier to hold on to. We’ve created a beautiful dimly lit carpeted space, with heating and aircon. We feel at home, and want you to as well! Our teachers have a huge wealth of knowledge from being professionals in the industry – along with a few funny stories to tell you!

What type of poles are used? I see different ones at different studios

The Peach uses 38mm brass poles. These are spinning poles. Brass is a material that is much easier to grip with, and the smaller width makes it easier for you to hold on to. Perfect!

What does a class consist of?

In an 8 week term of pole dancing, classes are 1 hour once a week. In this hour, you will 1) Do a conditioning warm up 2) A syllabus component; – learning tricks, spins, combinations, walking, pole body rolls and waves 3) Put together some of the moves you are learning into a cute fun routine, and 4) flexibility cool down.

Do I have to wear the high heels I see in all the pictures?

No, absolutely not. We encourage everyone to be themselves, so if that means dancing barefoot, in the highest heels possible – or even in your socks?! That is entirely up to you. We do encourage mixing things up so you are always learning something new. We must admit though, many of us are totally addicted to the pretty sparkles of those shoes!

What’s the environment like?

We foster an environment that’s not intimidating. It’s a place where people can have fun and make friends and be encouraged and supported by their peers. We live by these rules, and expect everyone else to as well.

How many people will be in a class?

We have 15 poles. 14 in class and 1 for the teacher. You could have anywhere from 3 or 4 girls to around 12 in a class depending on who books in. Everyone will always get their own pole.

I work shift work and may not be able to make the same class every week - what are my options?

You can enroll into a class which you think you will be able to make the majority of classes, and do any classes you can’t make in your regular class as catch up classes (subject to availability).

Can I drop in for a casual class and pay as I go?

Yes! We have some classes which are perfect for drop ins, these are usually our Fit n Flexy, Peach Styles, Low Riders and TTT classes. Please message us to see if there is space before dropping in. Students already enrolled in courses can enjoy doing an extra class casually at a discounted rate. 

Can I still join even if the term has already started?

If you miss out on the first lesson, don’t worry, you can still join, as we repeat everything from week 1 in week 2. Contact the studio to be booked in for the rest of the term. If you are considering joining any week after week 2 however, it might be best to wait for the following term so you get the benefit of learning everything from the start. We do often have some classes that may be ok for drop ins and casuals, so contact the studio to see if anything is available at your level. 

What can I do if I want to increase my strength and work on the moves I'm learning?

1) We have some conditioning classes that you can attend as a full term or casual to help build strength and stamina. 2) You can do 2 or 3 classes a week to build strength, with the discounts on multiple classes this is a popular choice, 3) Pop in for a casual class when you are free in the level that you are attending 4) Come to Peach Jam (our pole practice time) as much as you can. This is a time when the studio is open for student practice.

Can I do more than one pole class a week?

Absolutely! If you do, it’s half price, and is so is your 3rd and 4th class! We recommend this for building up strength and flexibility and for practicing your moves. It also brings down the overall cost of your classes at The Peach!

Can I pay my classes off?

You can now pay your classes off with Oxipay afterpay system! You will need to be over 18, and have a current debit/credit card. Oxpiay takes 1 immediate payment, and then 3 easy fortnightly remaining payments, making booking classes so much easier! Check out more information on Oxipay here: https://oxipay.com.au/faq/ 

I missed signing your online waiver, where can I find the link?

You can sign our online waiver here: https://waiver.fr/p-xz6hV   which you must do before commencing class  

Can I catch a class up if I miss it?

Yes you can. You can make your class up in one of our available catch up classes if you miss your class. Catch up classes are the same level or level below pole class, or conditioning class if a space is available. Classes are not transferable to the following term for ANY reason. If for some reason you are unable to make any of the catch up classes available, you may forfeit the lesson you missed, so it’s important to try to make the class you booked in for, as we have reserved your place in that class, with the teacher, each week. Any catch ups from a 4 week course need to be completed in the same 4 weeks of that course.

Which classes can I use as my catch up?

You can do your catch up class in any class of the same level or below, which has availability/space. Our conditioning and flexibility class and Peach Styles classes can also be used for your catch up. Check the timetables in the studio or on our student facebook group to see which classes have availability. You do not need to message or call the studio to reserve a place for a catch up, just turn up. It is first in first served on the spare spaces in that class. You can catch your class up at either Erina or Tuggerah studio, depending on availability.  

Where can I stay up to date with everything that happens in the studio?

Glad you asked! We have a facebook page: The Peach Pole Studio and we also have a facebook group Peach Pole Studio Peachies – which is a student group used to communicate the latest and greatest! 

What are the important terms and conditions that I need to know about?


  • If using bank transfer, please use your full name as the reference for bank transfers and email to thepeach@thepeachpolestudio.com.au with payment receipt.
  • Classes run with a minimum of 5 girls unless specified otherwise.
  • If the class does not go ahead, you can transfer your class or we can provide you with a refund.
  • When booking classes through the studio, you agree to pay the full amount owing for the classes you book.
  • Once the term has commenced, your payment or class cannot be refunded or transferred to a following term or person for any reason, so please choose carefully.
  • Oxipay (Afterpay) terms and conditions apply. https://oxipay.com.au/faq/ We cannot issue a refund for any reason once you have booked for your term and classes.
  • If you miss a class during term, you can attend a catch up class within the same term.
  • Catch up classes do not carry over to the next term, so they must be completed within the current term. We have allocated your spot in class and cannot fill it if you change your mind so please choose carefully when booking classes.
  • It is your responsibility to do all the classes you have committed to when booking in. If you cannot make it to a catch up lesson, you will forfeit your lesson.

How do I book in?

Visit our ‘How to book’ tab under the ‘Classes’ menu on the left. Here you will find our how to guide, and a link to Bookeo to book your classes. For cash, bank deposit or Oxipay Afterpay, please contact the studio to manually book your place and arrange payment

I used to pole dance at a different studio, and I would like to join - what level should I do?

We absolutely welcome anyone to the Peach who would like to continue their pole journey. As our syllabus would be fairly different from other studios, it is best to arrange an assessment in Peach Jam (pole practice) or a private lesson. A private lesson can also get you up to speed with some of the moves you might be missing and put you in the right place.

Can I still join in class if I am running 15 minutes late?

We would prefer you not to join in class if you are running 15 minutes late as you will have missed the warm up. This is to ensure you don’t sustain any injuries from being cold. You can attend a catch up lesson for that class.

I'm not sure I can commit to a whole term, can I just do casual classes?

Yes, you can do a casual class for $32 and attend a class that is not fully booked. Please note there are some classes that are better for casual lessons than others. Our syllabus and routines work on a building block system, each week builds on what was taught the previous week. Therefor it is best to commit to paying casual and consistently attending each week to stay up to date with the class content. Conditioning classes and Peach Styles classes are perfect for casuals as the content does not depend on the previous weeks.

Where are you located?

We are at 2/10 Aston Road Erina. To make it easy to find us, look for TLE Electrical. Once you walk down their driveway, you will see us to the right hand side. You can park outside TLE, on the street or around the back behind the studio.

Are you open on public holidays?

If your class falls on a public holiday, we are still open and you can come as normal.

How can I practice the moves I'm learning?

We have a studio open time called Peach Jam – this is a time where you can come in, warm up and practice at your own pace for $10 cash. A great way to get an extra pole training session in. See timetable for times set for Peach Jam.

Can I bring someone to watch a class?

Unfortunately we don’t allow anyone to watch a full class as it can make students uncomfortable. We do have some performance nights that are perfect for bringing friends along to!

Can I watch a class before I book?

Unfortunately we don’t allow anyone to watch a full class as it can make students uncomfortable. We do however encourage you to come and visit our studio, and if you attend whilst Peach Jam (pole practice) is on, you can see some of the crazy moves the students can do!

I saw you sell those cute 'Peachy Pole Pants' - where can I get some?

We have a shop on our facebook page. Look for the Peachy Pole Pants tab. This tab is only viewable on PC but you can click on this link Peachy Pole Pants  to go to the shop on mobile or tablet!

Ok ok - I want some sexy shoes, where can I buy them from?

We have some available for sale in our studio. We also do an order through Pleaser Shoes once each term. We advertise the date for you and order mid-term. You can check out the shoes here:  Pleaser  and contact us to give you a price. We will need the all the codes, colour, size and full detail to place the order. Once the order is placed, shoes arrive approximately within 10-12 days. Then you have pretties on your feet!

Where can I buy a pole for home? Do you sell them?

We recommend buying a professional X-Pole. Beware of fakes on the market as they can be dangerous. We have 38mm brass poles in our studio, so we recommend anything between 38mm and 45mm. You can choose from different materials. All will get you stronger. See here for X-pole Australia for more information on portable poles.

Bookeo FAQ's - See here

  • I’m booking 2 courses but it’s not applying the discount:
    • You will need to go to ‘prepaid packages’ and purchase a package that suits how many courses you book in for. It gives you credits, which you then go and book your classes with. See ‘Howe to book using bookeo – Multiple 8 week courses’ above in this document
  • I bought a package and paid, but didn’t receive an email saying I was booked into classes
    • After you have bought a prepaid package, you need to go back into ‘new booking’ and book your classes using the credits that are given with the package. Buying a package will not book you into a class. Make sure you do this so you don’t miss your spot.
  • What do I do if I want to book 2 x 8 week courses, and a 4 week course? How would I do that?
    • First you would need to purchase a ‘Double Prepaid Package’ for $345. Then, when you are booking your classes under ‘new booking’ apply the discount code at checkout and you will receive the 4 week course at a reduced rate. See ‘Classes’ page on our website for pricing
  • Why aren’t the 4 week courses included in the ‘Prepaid Packages’? It makes it confusing!
    • Unfortunately the system only allows discounts in a package on 8 week courses. We still want to offer you a discount on those 4 week courses if you are enrolled in an 8 week course, so that is why we have the discount code.
  • I already bought and paid for my courses, but I would actually like to add another, what do I do?
    • If you have already bought and paid for a course, or package, there is no functionality to add onto that package, but you can still receive the discount by messaging the studio and getting a code, which you use at checkout.
  • I think it’s the wrong price – what can I do?
    • Check the pricing on the website under ‘classes’ 2. Are you booking more than one class? Go to Prepaid Packages 3. Have you read through the ‘how to book’ for the type of classes you are booking? 4.Do you have the discount code? Message the studio.
  • I over-paid. Can I get a refund?
    • We are happy to issue a refund if you have overpaid however the payment system charges the studio for payments into the system, as well as reversals. We will need to pass these fees on when refunding for incorrect bookings.
  • My schedule changed and I need to change my class – can I do this?
    • You can go into bookeo and change your own class BEFORE the term has started. Go to ‘My Bookings’
  • I want to book in week 2, and I can’t find the classes on the system
    • Bookeo shuts the classes off 1 minute before the class starts. You can still book, however you will need to contact the studio to book a place.

Oxipay FAQ's - See here

  • Can I change the dates on my payments?

Yes you can and you can contact Oxipay to arrange movements in your payment dates.

  • Can I pay the classes off earlier than my payments

Yes you can and you can contact Oxipay to discuss further. There are no penalties for paying this off earlier.

  • My payments are still being deducted but I haven’t been able to make it to classes. Can I cancel and have a refund?

As per our standard Terms and Conditions, there are no refunds for any reason once you have booked and started class. We have available our catch up class arrangement, and you are able to do catch ups in a variety of classes.

  • Are there any fees for using Oxipay?

There are no fees for using Oxipay! Late payment fees may apply, and you can visit https://oxipay.com.au/faq/ to see all the details of how Oxipay works.


Hear from some existing students. It doesn’t matter if you have never danced before, or for a long time, The Peach will make you feel comfortable and get fit while you are having fun!

Heidi Gee

Daisy is simply awesome , with her years of experience  she has helped me take my dancing skills to another level. Her gentle friendly nature has abetted me in feeling comfortable and confident on the pole.  Daisy is a true professional with a unique dance style that exhibits elegance, grace and is aesthetically beautiful. Daisy’s classes are so much fun and never boring, these are some of the reasons why I have been a student of Daisy’s for about 7 years.


I have had the pleasure of having Daisy as my teacher for many, many, years of pole dancing and I can honestly say that she is the best teacher I have had. From classes, to private lessons with her, I have sincerely enjoyed having her as my teacher because she has been so good with me and has helped me became a better dancer for it today. Daisy is a wonderfully talented teacher. She makes you feel totally comfortable and is very helpful and patient with all those extra hard moves. God knows she had the patience for me. Daisy has such a wonderfully fun and loving personality that it shows in all her classes. She is extremely dedicated to all her students and I can say that I am honoured to have had her as my teacher.


Coming to The Peach has made such a difference to my dancing and given me my love for pole dancing back. Each teacher is uniquely different and so inviting, god knows how they do it but each class everyone gets the same amount of attention and motivation. There always willing to help in anyway and bring fun back into fitness. I live in Newcastle and its definitely worth the commute. Thanks Peach girls.

Helen G

I have been Daisy’s student for 5 years & quite frankly, she is one of the best Pole instructors I’ve ever had! As an instructor, Daisy is patient, breaks down & explains moves; encourages & bolsters confidence while keeping a trained eye on student safety. Daisy takes pride in her students – our achievements are Daisy’s achievements. While keeping a professional edge, Daisy’s classes are always fun, if not hilarious at times. If you’re considering taking up Pole Dancing or, are looking for a seriously good alternative, Daisy at The Peach Pole Studio is the place to go.


I remember my first experience at The Peach Pole Studio, I was nervous and excited. I watched the teacher gracefully carry out moves that I was amazed by and dreamt of being capable of doing. Two years later and I have achieved those goals and a whole lot more. The Peach provides a comfortable environment and a place that supports and grows you allowing you to confidently express who you are through things that you would have never thought you were capable of. It’s easy to say I would now be lost not only without pole dancing but without a studio such as The Peach. I honestly can’t thank Daisy and her beautiful team enough!


I always had a curiosity about Pole Dance since attending a workshop for my hens day. A few years later I came across The Peach Pole and saw that they ran a 4 week beginner ‘taster’ course. As nervous as I felt about attending, since I had no dance background or an ounce of flexibility, I thought I’d just bite the bullet and give it a go! Well, one first spin around that pole and I was addicted! The more I attended the more I began to feel my confidence grow! I was amazed by women of all ages, body shapes and sizes embracing their femininity and expressing themselves through pole dance! The teachers at The Peach and fellow students are completely supportive and encouraging of one another and I’ve never experienced a place where women uplift and inspire each other entirely. The studio is a warm, welcoming environment with nice lighting, mirror-lined walls and brass poles of the best quality. If you had told me less than 18 months ago I’d be doing the pole moves I am attacking now, I would have laughed at you. But perhaps the best thing about pole is the transformation in myself that’s been the most rewarding. I am strong, capable, flexible(ish, haha) and so much more confident than I have ever been before. You learn to love the body you were born with at pole, and that’s a really lovely thing!


I have been taking classes at The Peach for 6 months now. I am completely loving it! My grandparents had a bad view on pole dancing when I started but they came to the performance last week quite hesitant but they loved it and have completely changed their views. They admire how much work goes into it and so do I. I can’t wait for next term. Thanks Peaches!